About Us

HealthCare Providers, Inc. is a compounding pharmacy serving the Bitterroot Valley and surrounding areas since 2011. We offer a wide range of services customized to help you meet all of your medical needs, including durable medical equipment, free delivery and a drive-thru window.

Our caring staff prioritizes your wellbeing, and we strive to ensure you're feeling confident and comfortable by answering all of your questions. Make HealthCare Providers, Inc. your pharmacy, and experience the difference individual and genuine care will make in your healthcare experience.

Why Choose Us?

Click the links below to learn more about Healthcare Providers, Inc., and read a great article giving the top 10 reasons to stay with or switch your pharmacy. Hopefully you choose us, and we can meet all your needs!

Why Choose Healthcare Providers, Inc.? Top 10 Reasons You May Want to Switch Drug Stores

Meet Our Staff

Jessica Jessop, CPhT

  • Co-Owner
  • Loves to travel, read and play volleyball

Leon Jessop, DME Manager

  • Co-Owner
  • Loves the outdoors & helping people

Jeremy Porter, PharmD

Loves all things competitive and the great outdoors

Kim Becker, PharmD

Loves to travel and has a great sense of humor

Heather Chatriand, PharmD

Loves Halloween and dressing up with her family

Sue Scovill, CPhT

Loves to help create and help others

Marissa Powell, CPhT

Loves to explore world around us and spending time outdoors

McKenzie Jessop, CPhT

Loves the outdoors and anything art

Traci Flowers, CPhT

Loves to ride her bike and read

Sally Riel, RT

Loves concerts and reading

Pamela Thomas

Loves to garden and hunt

Tiffany Jessop, CPhT

Loves to travel and reading

Aubree Skelton, Delivery/Clerk

Loves sports and doing makeup/hair